Design and Capability

Pioneer Cryogenics has design capabilities covering many pressure vessel codes including AS1210, ASME VIII, and EN standards to name a few.  We have our own in-house engineering capabilities, and also have associations with some of Australia’s most experienced cryogenic engineering expertise.  Pioneer Cryogenics can design and fabricate to the rules and regulations required for certification to numerous codes including IMDG, CSC, ADR, RID, TUV, ICC, DOT, AS2809, ISO, and many more. We also have the design capability to undertake virtual analysis by means of FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) of our vessel designs for responses to operational, seismic, and wind force loadings.

Our designers have many years experience in the design, fabrication, and operation of cryogenic vessels, and our in-house drafting facilities allow for a smooth transition from design to fabrication.

Internal-Cleaning-of-a-VIE-350,000-Lt-Vertical-Tank-for-LOX-ServicePioneer Cryogenics also specialises in Cleaning for Oxygen service, and Oxygen System Design. We understand how hazardous oxygen can be, so know the importance of having robust processes to ensure impeccable cleaning outcomes.

Our experienced fabricators are equally at home doing field service or installation work.

We are always striving to improve our designs to better meet our customers needs, so we have an ongoing Research and Development program designed to make advances in our designs and processes.

At Pioneer Cryogenics, there is no job too big or too small, so whatever your needs, we are more than happy to discuss our capabilities.

Our Quality System is in accordance with highly recognised international standards such as AS 1210 and ASME and has ISO9001-2008 certification.