Intermodal Tank Containers

The Pioneer Cryogenics intermodal tank containers, more commonly referred to as ISO containers, are one of the most robust designs available in the market, giving you greater reliability. We have built numerous 20ft, 20,000 litre containers for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, and LNG service, with design pressures up to 2200 kPa.

ISO-Container-Designed-for-Argon-ServiceAll containers carry IMDG and CSC approvals, and have been prototype impact tested. Other Approvals for operation in various geographies can be incorporated upon request.

40ft / 40,000 litre designs are also available, and we would be happy to discuss other designs and customized solutions.

We also have designs that include unique features minimise heat inleak to provide you with extended travel times or the ability to control your product condition.